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When a consumer purchases a product, there is a reasonable expectation that the product sold in stores will be safe to use – whether that product be for a child or adult. Products are generally tested to pass consumer safety tests, but sometimes, certain products purchased for commercial construction use or pharmaceutical purposes can cause medical problems due to exposure. Common examples include lead paint, asbestos, and mesothelioma. If you have any of these problems, contact an experienced product liability lawyer.

When it comes down to it, vendors, distributors, and manufacturers are responsible for introducing their products safely into the marketplace. In the event that one of these products poses a danger due to defectiveness, or outside exposure, and injuries and/or wrongful death occurs as a result, they can be held liable. Lately, it has been an all too familiar story of companies recalling products due to manufacturer defects that the company was well aware of often times years prior but refuses to act due to the cost associated with mass recalls. At McGinity Law Firm, we understand that for our clients, this is not acceptable behavior. You can’t let those companies put a price on the safety of your family. McGinity Law Firm has extensive knowledge of product liability law. We are here to listen to your claim and identify the responsible party. We will work with you to seek maximum compensation and hold them liable for the negligence of their product’s safety. If you are in need of a  product liability lawyer, contact McGinity Law Firm. Personal injury attorney Douglas McGinity has over 15 years of experience in product liability cases. Stop by our Covington, LA office or call 504-581-2222 to set up a free consultation.

    Not sure whether you have a claim? Here are some helpful tips for determining whether you have a claim.
  • The victim was injured or suffered losses.
  • The product is defective.
  • The injuries were a result of the defective product.
  • You were using the product as instructed for its use.

Similar to a personal injury claim, in order for a product liability claim to be valid, an actual injury or loss must have occurred for the claim to be valid. If you had an experience with a defective product that almost caused an injury or loss, but did not, then you do not have a claim.
Now, in the event that the defective product did cause you harm, you now have to determine if the product is indeed defective. A product can be defective either due to a manufacturing error, design defect, and failure to warn. In a manufacturing error, this can be as simple as a crack to a product that causes an unexpected reaction that inflicts harm or damage to you or your property. A design defect is usually more difficult to prove because you need to determine that the product’s design is flawed. An example could be a product made of a flammable material that is meant to be exposed to heat sources that inflicts damage or harm after the fact. As for a failure to warn error, the product may be dangerous as per it’s quality that is not obvious to the ordinary consumer.